I dont know why i keep getting this error

im new in mongodb, does anyone can help me with this?

ServerSelectionTimeoutError: SSL handshake failed: ac-o7hawxp-shard-00-01.pmutnmy.mongodb.net:27017: [SSL: TLSV1_ALERT_INTERNAL_ERROR]

this error

Hi @Everett_Sobinsky - this looks like your Python script can’t connect to the server. The first things to check would be:

  • The Network Access tab on the right-hand side of Atlas, under Security: Make sure your IP address is listed.
  • Your firewall rules.

Hope this helps!



Hi, thank you for this.

My IP is listed in network access in mongodb. For firewall, should i turn it all off for the meantime?

Im using google colab for running my python script in browser only.

Thank you!