I Can't update my Last Name in https://on.ttui.examity.com/profile


I am encountering an issue with updating my last name on Examity. My last name is correctly listed in my MongoDB profile, but it does not reflect this change on the Examity profile page.

I have verified that all my other information is correct, and I have double-checked my MongoDB profile to ensure the last name is accurate there. Despite this, the Examity profile does not seem to update accordingly.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions on how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Bruno_Milioli_Ferreira Please reach out to certification@mongodb.com and we will help you resolve this. Thanks!

I’ve done this twice and got no response

Is there any other way to get a support on this? or just this email?

HI Bruno! Send me an email at jodine.oquendo@mongodb.com explaining the situation and I will help resolve this or connect you with the directions. Thanks!

Just sent it. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Thank you for your patience. I received your email and this should be updated now. Thank you for being a MongoDB certification candidate!