I can't import json files into my command prompt.Solve this please anyone

C:\Users\Shihab>mongoimport C:\Users\Shihab>mongoimport C:\Program Files\MongoDB\practisingJsonFiles\customerDetails.json -d shop -c products
2023-09-22T14:29:09.546+0530 error parsing command line options: error parsing positional arguments: provide only one file name and only one MongoDB connection string. Connection strings must begin with mongodb:// or mongodb+srv:// schemes
2023-09-22T14:29:09.547+0530 try ‘mongoimport --help’ for more information

Put your file path in quotes or cd to the dir where your json file is residing and run the mongoimport command just passing the file name customerDetails.json without full path

If I understand correctly the documentation at

you are missing an equal sign between -d and shop and between -c and products.