I cannot sign into MongoDB forum through Discourse iOS app

Hi ! :wave:

I use the iOS Discourse app on a daily basis (more than 30 forums). Unfortunately, I cannot log in this forum.

Does anyone has a clue about this issue ?

Thanks in advance folks ! :slight_smile:


I’ve asked on Discourse forum, I’ll let you know :wink:

My suspicion would be that this is related to the fact that we are a self-hosted implementation and not a Discourse-hosted instance. I’ll see if I can find out more. + @Deepak_Shah

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@Amalik_Amriou What authentication method are you using to log in (Google auth or Single Sign-On with email)?

I’m able to login using Single Sign-On and the Android Discourse app.

Also, what happened with your thread on the Discourse Meta? It appears to have been removed or made private.



Hi @Stennie !

I’ve tried to log in through email SSO and Google Auth.

The thread has been closed and removed on the Discourse Meta indeed. :frowning: It wasn’t the right place to be for the topic…



Hi @Amalik_Amriou,

I’m able to sign-in successfully using IOS Discourse Hub app through SSO and also Google Auth (using another account).

Could you elaborate more on which stage of the authentication process you are getting the error ?


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