I cannot import a file with "mongoimport" in a cluster

I use the mongoimport command, specifically the following:

./mongoimport --uri mongodb+srv://catalin_mongodb:<PASSWORD>@clusterhz.iug22.mongodb.net/<DATABASE> --collection <COLLECTION> --type <FILETYPE> --file <FILENAME>

and with my archive:
./mongoimport --uri mongodb+srv://catalin_mongodb:******@clusterhz.iug22.mongodb.net/test --collection purchases --type csv --file home/catalin/Downloads/purchases.txt --headerline

And that gave me the next error:
|2023-10-08T18:20:59.592+0200|error parsing command line options: error parsing uri: lookup _mongodb._tcp.clusterhz.iug22.mongodb.net on server misbehaving|
|2023-10-08T18:20:59.592+0200|try ‘mongoimport --help’ for more information|

How can I solve this error?

Its exactly the same problem as your other thread/topic.

Same as I cannot connect to the "Dedicated" cluster from mongodb shell - #2 by chris