I cannot connect to MongoDB even though all IP addresses are allowed

Hello, I have a node application and I am using MongoDB. Since my app is still in development, MongoDB network access is set to public ( ). I can connect to the database without any problems over the internet at my home. But when I connect to the office internet, I get an error. I tried almost every way but still couldn’t find a solution. Can you help me ?

MongoDB network access settings

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Please verify if your office allows connection to Port 27017.

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Unfortunately, port 27017 is blocked…

As the Documentation states, Atlas clusters operate on port 27017 . You must be able to reach this port to connect to your clusters.

Please get the 27017 port open from your Office IT and then try to connect.



Thanks a lot for the reply. I talked to the Internet Service Provider. They said that the port will be unblocked during business hours tomorrow.

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