I attempted 4.2.25 to 4.4.26 upgrade , compatibility issues with WiredTiger storage engine

I am upgrading from mongodb 4.2.25 to 4.4 version.
I followed the link below to update it, but the first picture error occurred.
I am using the ubuntu 18.04 version of the x86_64 architecture, and I understand that it supports up to MongoDB version 6.

May I know what’s wrong with me?

Do I have to downgrade to version 4.2.25 again?
Version 4.2.25 had worked normally.

This is likely due the Feature Compatibility Version having not been updated.

All the steps required are in the Upgrade Instructions in the Release Notes that have previous been linked in other recent topics of yours.


Thank u for answer ! ! !
I saw this page!

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I initially thought of the FCV on first look at this as well, you got to it first but I’m catching up to you Chris! :wink:

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