I am trying to get stats (db.stats()) it returns all “0”

Hi All I have mongosh installed in my system (windows 10). I can connect to my db (located in Atlas).
aftre connect I have the following:

Using MongoDB: 4.4.9
Using Mongosh: 1.1.0

For mongosh info see: https://docs.mongodb.com/mongodb-shell/

Warning: Found ~/.mongorc.js, but not ~/.mongoshrc.js. ~/.mongorc.js will not be loaded.
You may want to copy or rename ~/.mongorc.js to ~/.mongoshrc.js.

what does that mean? how can I copy using mongosh ?

I am trying to get stats (db.stats()) it returns all “0” :

    db: ‘mydb’,
    collections: 0,
    views: 0,
    objects: Long(“0”),
    avgObjSize: 0,
    dataSize: Long(“0”),
    storageSize: Long(“0”),
    totalFreeStorageSize: Long(“0”),
    numExtents: Long(“0”),
    indexes: 0,
    indexSize: Long(“0”),
    fileSize: Long(“0”),
    nsSizeMB: 0,
    ok: 1

what I am missing. thanks

I think your mydb is empty
show the output of below
use mydb
show collections

I’ve got the problem - typo in db name :frowning: