I am facing a issue when i try to acces a collection

i am in the process of creating telegram bots from some months,and i am using mongodb for that for some months.but i got a issue today ,this issue i never faces any time before
posts9 = db.post16
a=posts9.find_one({“user”: user_id})

i am using this query method in my python telegram bot from some months.but yesterday i created a new function and used this query in that function inside tooo ,but when i am using it ,it says post 16 is not defind.i dont understand why i am getting error ,becasue i tried all of my other places which i using his post16…but there have no prblem …only here i have problem…i am using this query on every other places…all of that places working fine without any problem . can anyone tell me why is this happen…i will share one collection of post 16 ,inorer to make you to understand ,post 16 is already there {’_id’: ObjectId(‘62189e0c53890acd5555a3f0’), ‘user’: 749925179, ‘gender’: ‘male’, ‘name’: ‘Nikhil1122266666’, ‘language’: ‘russia1’, ‘age’: ‘35-45’, ‘partner_gender’: ‘Female’, ‘partner_age’: ‘35-45’, ‘language_partner’: ‘language’, ‘partner_language’: ‘tamil1’, ‘i_am_invited_by’: 0, ‘invite_link’: ‘http://t.me/paradisechatbot?start=5rjeWX’, ‘invited_count’: 0}
value is there

Hi @Growvel_Business and welcome in the MongoDB Community :muscle: !

Use get_collection instead of the direct db.my_collection shortcut maybe?