I am constantly getting DeprecationWarning error, need help!

I am constantly getting the below error, can someone help me solve for it.

Hey @T_Nitin, it looks like you’re using a very old version of mongoose. mpromise has not been used in the product for a long time, and the Invalid mongodb uri error implies the Node.js driver being used by mongoose is older than 3.0 (when SRV support was added).

You’re likely using mongoose 4.13.21 (or older) which has long been considered EOL.

Try first addressing the deprecation warnings (the errors you provided give you links to the mongoose docs), then upgrade mongoose to at least v5.

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@alexbevi Thank you so much for the help. Yes I was trying various methods to resolve this issue but couldn’t figure out the correct error. I’ve tried re-installing mongoose, it is working now.