Hyderabad MUG: Atlas Vector Search Workshop & Gemma

Imp things to note for attendees: Last-minute entries cannot be accommodated due to security reasons concerning the premises. You should have filled the google form sent on Thursday.

Photography is not allowed in any part of the office, except for the event.

Visitors need to park their vehicles in B2 - TW(Thoughtworks) parking lot only. If TW parking lot is full, please find an alternative one.

Hyderabad MUG: Atlas Vector Search Workshop & Gemma

Hyderabad MongoDB User Group is organizing a :boom: power packed :boom: event on :spiral_calendar: Sunday, July 21, 2024, at 10:30 AM IST at :round_pushpin:Thoughtworks Hyderabad!

Please bring your laptops :computer: !!!

About the event

We have identified some experienced speakers with vast experience and knowledge, and we can’t tell you how excited we are for this one!

The theme of the event is to make you explore and learn about MongoDB Atlas Search, Vector Search, and Product Design Thinking


Srinivas Mutyala: Creating Compelling Search Experiences with MongoDB Atlas Search and Vector Search - Workshop: Join this session for a journey into modern search capabilities. Delve into the art of full-text search using Atlas Search and Lucene as your compass. As we navigate deeper, discover how to enrich your application and power AI capabilities with a semantic search using Atlas Vector Search. Get ready to roll up your sleeves, engaging in a hands-on experience that equips you to transform your user experience.

Ashok Vishwakarma: In this presentation, we delve into the development and deployment of a custom Large Language Model (LLM) tailored for a major infrastructure company. Leveraging the capabilities of Gemma and MongoDB, we created an advanced, queryable knowledge base that consolidates data from past real estate projects. This solution not only enhances data accessibility and retrieval but also demonstrates the transformative potential of AI in the real estate sector. Attendees will gain insights into the design, implementation, and benefits of integrating LLMs with robust database systems to streamline knowledge management and drive informed decision-making.


Register here to secure your spot.

Time Topic
10:30 AM Registration and Networking
10.45 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks by the event host about MUG, MongoDB
11:00 AM Custom LLM-Powered Knowledge Base for Real Estate with Gemma and MongoDB
11:30 AM Break and Networking
11:45 AM Atlas Search and Atlas Vector Search Workshop
01:00 PM Lunch/Networking/Tech Game/Puzzle w/ Swags to Win!


Event Type: In-Person
Location: Thoughtworks, Hyderabad


Srinivas Mutyala

Database Architect, MongoDB SME

Ashok Vishwakarma

Google Developer Expert


Jayant Acharya

Software Engineering Specialist, GE Digital

Event is in collaboration with Google for Developers.



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