HTTPS Endpoint can't access querystring


I have a number of HTTPS endpoints which I recently converted over from the deprecated webhooks. The endpoints need to be authenticated using an api key as part of the query string e.g.

In the linked function, I have Authentication set to script and the script looks something like this…

exports = function(payload, response) {
  const {apiKey} = payload.query;
  if(apiKey == null) {
    return "";
  return context.functions.execute("checkAPIKey", apiKey);

However, I get an error in the logs “TypeError: Value is not object coercible” and the logged value of payload is empty {} so I can’t read the API key value. In the Endpoint Query Arguments part of the logs I see the apiKey listed fine. I can use context.request.rawQueryString and see the full value of the query string which I could process myself but it shouldn’t have to work like that. This all worked fine in the previous webhook.

Also as a curiosity and not necessarily a problem, I can’t use async await or ?. syntax in the function (like it is using an old version of ECMAScript). It’s not a big deal for me but it used to work fine in the webhook.

Any help much appreciated.


Hi Simon - thanks for the report. We identified these as bugs and have filed them as tickets to fix. Good catch! Will let you know when these get updated.

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