Howto override topics collection name as one instruction

I am setting up a mongo replication between 2 mongo clusters using
everything is working fine, collections are replicated. But, the only problem I have is the Mongo source connector creates the topic as prefix.db.collection1, prefix.db.collection2, etc … The mongo sink connector creates the MongoDB collections on the destination cluster with name prefix.db.collection1, prefix.db.collection2, is there any way I can configure the sink connector to keep the original collection names the same.
For now, to fix this, I use topic.override.prefix.db.collection1.collection=collection1 and the collection name collection1 is kept on the destination cluster, but the DB has several hundred of collections, I do not want to set this instruction several hundred of times to cover all possible topics. Is there anyway this can be achieved to keep the original collection name the same on the destination server.

Thank you.

Anyone has any idea of using some kind of regex grouping, back reference , like

or Some SMT to perform this.
Does the sink connector support dynamic namespace mapping to set the target collection name?

Thank you.

We introduced dynamic topic mapping in an earlier version MongoDB Connector for Apache Kafka 1.4 Available Now | MongoDB Blog

In your use case you might need to implement a custom TopicMapper interface, include it in a JAR file and place it in the classpath for the kafka connectors