How would you improve Compass' querying experience?

Hey everyone,

Ben from the developer tools team at MongoDB here. :wave:t2: I’m looking to understand from our community a bit more about an area we’re looking to improve in Compass: the querying experience.

Take a look at these screenshots:

What are some improvements you’d like to see when querying data?

Does this query bar make sense? If not, what might you change to bring more clarity to it?

Are there any other improvements you’d like to see made to querying your data? Let me know!

From the last screenshot it appears that history is tied to a particular collections.

I often run the same query in different collection or database. So for me it would be nice to have a more global history.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Steeve.

Would you mind if I connected with you outside of the forums to maybe dive a bit deeper into this area? I’m actively considering the more global context approach that you raise.

Yes, you may DM me. I will then send you my email.