How to wrap all controllers in a MongoDB session structurally with express.js

Hi there,

With mongoose and express.js, how can I structurally wrap controllers / request handlers in a transaction function of mongoose, so that every controller has a session object to manupulate the DB.

For example, I have a wrapper function that looks something like:

runInTransaction<T>(mutations: CallBackFunc<T>, options : any) {
     const session = await mongoose.startSession();
         const value = await mutation(session);
         await session.commitTransaction();
         return value;
      catch(e) {
          await session.abortTransaction();
          throw e;
    finally {

I’d like to have ALL my controllers to run in this pattern, so that every controller has a session object to pass to services and perform DB manipulation.

How can I do that ?
and is this a good practice ?

Id realy appreciate your input here.