How to work with Kotlin Sealed Classes + Kotlinx Serialization + MongoDB Kotlin driver?

data class Inquiry(
    val id: Int,
    var name: String,
    val service: String,
    var description: String,
    val contactNumber: String,
    val creationTime: Long,
    val deadline: Long,
    val deliveryArea: String,
    val reference: Boolean,
    var status: InquiryStatus

this is my data class that im storing in the Mongodb

and this is the sealed class
sealed class InquiryStatus {
    abstract val label: String

    data class Unassigned(
        override val label: String = UNASSIGNED
    ) : InquiryStatus()

    data class CoordinatorRequested(
        val coordinatorRequest: EmployeeRequest.CoordinatorRequest, override val label: String = COORDINATOR_REQUESTED
    ) : InquiryStatus()

    data class CoordinatorAccepted(
        val coordinatorId: String, override val label: String = COORDINATOR_ACCEPTED
    ) : InquiryStatus()

    data class FreelancerRequested(
        val coordinatorId: String,
        val freelancerRequests: List<EmployeeRequest.FreelancerRequest>,
        override val label: String = FREELANCER_REQUESTED
    ) : InquiryStatus()

    data class FreelancerAssigned(
        val coordinatorId: String,
        val freelancerId: String,
        val tags: List<String>,
        override val label: String = FREELANCER_ASSIGNED
    ) : InquiryStatus()

    data class InquiryResolved(
        override val label: String = INQUIRY_RESOLVED
    ) : InquiryStatus()

when i store it i get the following error

```org.bson.codecs.configuration.CodecConfigurationException: Can't find a codec for CodecCacheKey{clazz=class com.pb.models.inquiry.InquiryStatus, types=null}.