How to use $serachMeta?

I’m trying to use “$searchMeta” to count documents but having trouble to do so. Here’s my query:

                "$searchMeta": {
                    "index": "fulltextsearch",
                    "range": {
                        "lt": ISODate("2021-10-29T21:53:43Z"),
                        "gt": ISODate("2021-08-29T21:53:43Z"),
                        "path": "create_date",
                    "count": {
                        "type": "total",

It fails with this error:

MongoServerError: Must set ‘enableSearchMeta’ to true to use ‘$searchMeta’

How do I get this to work? Thanks.

Unfortunately, until 4.4.11, you need to file a HElP ticket so that support can enable the command in your cluster.