How to use oplogs in MongoDB

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I have recently been uaing mongodb for a while nearly 1 week. I’am looking into the backup concepts in mongodb and now I have a doubt on how to perform incremental backups in mongodb. In search of that I have cam across many sites which explains that incremental backup in mongodb can be performed by " oplogs " but I tried it but it doesn’t work for me also I can’t troubleshoot the issue can anyone help me in this problem

I’m using mongodb v4.4.29 on ubuntu 20 (focal)

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Gousik Rao N

MongoDB community does not support incremental backups
You can use MongoDB Enterprise OPS MANAGER or Atlas.
However, since the operation log is stored in oplog, incremental backup can be attempted using the oplog timestamp.

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You are using the parameter ‘–oplogReplay’ with mongodump. It should be used with mongorestore instead. Check the documentation at and