How to use Mongodb Stitch from Postman using API Key?

How to access a Stitch API from Postman using API Key? The API works with “Anonymous Auth” but not sure how to use with Postman - Server key or User key?

This document does not specify clearly how to use API Keys.

  1. Created a Atlas > Access Management > API Keys (assuming this is Server API Key)


  1. Created Stitch > Users (user API Key)


  1. Created a Stitch API


Tried this on Postman


Hello Suren.

I spent a whole day with the same problem that you have, in the image I show you how I solved it.

Thanks @Federico_Ettlin but still showing the same error?

i’m going to Stitch > Users > ReadAPIKey (server) and using the value under ID as the VALUE in POSTMAN.

With some help from Mongodb support… here’s the solution.

  1. Use the SERVER KEY - Created at Atlas > Access Management > API Keys
  2. Use the KEY: api-key; VALUE: in Postman HEADER.
  3. Do not use Postman’s “API KEY” option under Authorization