How to use command getCollectionNames().filter() similar in python

Hi Please, I appreciate a support to properly migrate the filters used in mongo with the command (getCollectionNames().filter()) in python code. Best thanks

Hi @Mateus_Saldanha,

Perhaps pymongo list_collection_names() works for you / is what you are after?

Example - Output after connecting to my MongoDB:

>>> print(mongo_db.list_collection_names())
['collection', 'newCollection', 'test_collection']


Thanks Jason for your replay. Please do you know if it’s possible to filter for only one collection, for example, ‘test_’? thanks.

Yes you can use list_collection_names with the filter argument:

>>> client.test.list_collection_names(filter=None)
['test', 'test3']
>>> client.test.list_collection_names(filter={'name': 'test'})

Great!!! Thank you so much for your replay!!! your comment really helped me. Thanks Shane

Thanks Jason and Shane for share, your comments helped me a lot.


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