How to upgrade mongodb 4.4.19 to 4.4.29

I have got mongodb 4.4.19 installed on the server, how to upgrade it to 4.4.29 ? as later version fixed some vulnerability issues. when I initially installed version 4.4.19 on the server, I installed it using “mongodb-windows-x86_64-4.4.19-signed” Windows installer package. is it a case just download the windows installer package for 4.4.29 and installed it again?

Essentially, yes.

Recommended process to update to the latest patch release is below.

MongoDB 4.4 is now End of Life. 5.0 is the next currently supported version.

Upgrading to 7.0 via the documented upgrade path will setup on a major version that will be supported for a few years.

5.0 Is End of Life in October 2024
6.0 Will be End of Life in July 2025

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Thanks for the info. after installing the mongod 4.4.29 package, and copy back the “mongod.cfg” file which worked for mongodb version 4.4.19, the “Mongdb Server” failed to start. It did not seem to like this config setting under " net: "
mode: requireTLS
certificateKeyFile: C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\4.4\bin######.pem
disabledProtocols: TLS1_0,TLS1_1

If I comment out the tls config, it worked,

but this tls config worked fine with version 4.4.19, I just installed “mongodb-windows-x86_64-4.4.29-signed” package, and nothing else has changed on the server

Any suggestion is very welcomed.