How to update document by _id

Hi, so I’m working on a vocabulary app with Nextjs [not using mongoose] and each document contains a ObjectId, eng, kor, day, isDone, isMemorized values, and I’m fetching eng, kor rendering it alongside two buttons into an HTML table, one button is to display the definition and the other one to update the value of isMemorized to true [Screenshot of how is rendered][] and here’s where my problem starts, so when I press the Memorize button I’m making a PUT request to update isMemorize to true so far I know the PUT works as intended if I hard coded a random _id like this

async function updateWord(req, res) {
    const client = await clientPromise;
    const db = client.db("dictionary");
    await db
            { _id: ObjectId("62caa34849e3d70aa618d9f2") },
            { $set: { isMemorized: true } },
    res.json({ status: 200 });

So my question is how can I make it, so the button only updates the isMemorized value of the document that’s inside that table?