How to uninstall “mongoose@4.13.20”? Should I also uninstall “mongoose-global@1.0.1”?

How to uninstall “mongoose@4.13.20”?

Should I also uninstall “mongoose-global@1.0.1”,since I have globally installed mongoose@5.9.10?

Thank you.

npm list mongoose
└─┬ mongoose-global@1.0.1
  └── mongoose@4.13.20  extraneous

npm list -g  mongoose
└── mongoose@5.9.10


mongoose-global looks like an unmaintained project. It was last updated 3 years ago, and there is no repo listed in the npm page so I can’t check what’s the module is about. I suggest to remove it since it’s likely to be very outdated by now, or contain security holes.

From your npm list output, you should be able to remove mongoose-global using the standard npm uninstall command. You might also want to check out the npm prune command to remove extraneous packages.

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