How to toggle bool field in an array of documents in Golang?

Very Similar to the questions posed here:

I am wanting to do the same thing but in golang.

So if I have

    "_id": "61a02dc3e044cc34ce8a3a2f",
    "name": "Product 1",
    "status": true,
    "items": [
        "_id": "61a02dc3e044cc34ce8a3a30",
        "foodName": "Item 1",
        "price": 10,
        "status": true
        "_id": "61a02dc3e044cc34ce8a3a31",
        "foodName": "Item 2",
        "price": 20,
        "status": false

And Similarly, If want to toggle the status boolean of “_id”: “61a02dc3e044cc34ce8a3a31”, how can that be accomplished in Go.