How to sync two Atlas clusters

We are currently running a production workload on one Atlas cluster and a staging workload on another Atlas cluster. We want to synchronize data between those two clusters.

Currently, we do a full backup restore periodically every X days. This strategy tends to become harder as the database grows in size over time.

Are there standard solutions for mirroring production data onto a staging cluster - possibly continuously / live?


Hi @MartinLoeper,

Mirroring data set between MongoDB atlas clusters can potentially be done via the mongomirror tool, however, since it is a standalone process you need to reliably monitor and resume it at your own risk. This tool was designed for live migration purposes therefore was never tested for long duration tests which means we cannot guarantee if it will be sustainable or perffomant solution.

Alternatively, you can setup Atlas triggers linking both clusters to migrate subsets of collections from source to target.


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