How to stop login notification e-mails?

Every time I login to community board, I get an e-mail like this. where is the settings to disable it?

Good question - let me ask the appropriate team.

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Hey @coderkid,

Are you still experiencing this issue? This should only occur the first time you log in on a new browser (it’s saved via a cookie in the browser).



Hello @Jamie,

I use Firefox on “Strict” mode… Every tab I open, technically, a new browser with a new cookie jar :confused:

Thanks for the follow up. I checked with our cloud team and it looks like there’s no way to turn off these notifications for now, but they will investigate for a possible future feature. Apologies for the annoyance in the meantime.


Ok I understand,

I created a filter on Gmail, it deletes them automatically.

Thank you anyway.


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