How to start Mongo Server / Shell?


Hello @Paul_Gureghian, welcome to the community.

Please tell about what is the version (and type) of MongoDB you have installed and the operating system (from the screenshot it looks like some *IX).

The are instructions and tutorials (about installation, starting MongoDB server and connecting with mongo shell). Please refer the documentation and tell where you are stuck.

Most likely the required directories are not created. Look at the config file /etc/mongod.conf. All directories specified in there must exist. You can look at the log file also specified in there.

Thanks. Mongo 4.4 on Ubuntu 20.04.1

I don’t know if the dirs were there or not when I posted (probably were not there) but now they are present and I didn’t do anything to make it so.

Is it working now? If not, anything in the logs?

Maybe Mongo just needed a reboot.
I didn’t apply any fix.

Since I don’t want to reformat to XFS, can I mute the warning about XFS?
Can you refer me to a link in the Momgo docs for enabling authentication or muting the warning as well ?

Please check this link

For access control check this