How to start contributing to the go-driver?

I want to understand more about MongoDB. I have used it in many projects before but don’t know much about the internals. So, contributing to the go-driver sounds like an excellent way to start.

But since I haven’t contributed to open source before, I’m a little lost here. I went to the Jira board of the driver and tried to find good-first-issues but there weren’t any. I couldn’t figure out which task to pick and where to start.

I’m quite proficient with Go and have about four years of experience developing/debugging distributed systems.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Shivansh_Kuchchal welcome to the community!

Glad to have you in the community, and thanks for your interest in contributing.

There’s a contributing guideline for the Go driver in the Github repo for the Go driver that should serve as a starting point.

Hope this helps!

Best regards

@Shivansh_Kuchchal I’m glad to hear you’re interested in contributing to the Go driver!

Adding on to @kevinadi’s answer, a really helpful way to contribute to the Go driver is to add testable examples. I noticed that the package has a shortage of examples and would benefit from more, especially for the bson.Marshal and bson.Unmarshal functions.