How to see explan plan of Aggregate?

I have configured the following setting to see the query plan of aggregate operations in the log:
use admin
But, I could not see proper execution plan of aggregate query. Can any one help?
Does any aggregate operation use Index ? How can we check detail plan of each operation in aggregate query

Can you show the command you tried
It should be of the form
You can declare a pipeline
then use it as


Thank you for prompt response.
Can you give example of declaring pipeline and use it in aggregate?

There are plenty of examples with the documentation:

It might be useful to take M121 from MongoDB University. It helped me understand many concepts.

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Thank you.
This syntax of aggregate is known to me.
Do you know which aggregate functions use IXSCAN?

Sorry, I got the feeling that it was not known to you by

As for

I answered in your other thread.

Hi @Prof_Monika_Shah,

I added a belated response on one of your related discussions: