How to script the download of the latest Atlas snapshot

Hello DevOps experts,
I was under the impression that I can download an atlas snapshot via mongocli with something like:

monogcli altas backup shnapshot .....

Checking the docs I find a lot but no download option, is there somewhere a hidden gem or am I out of luck here?

Going forward and checking the Atlas API I also don’t find an option to download an / the latest snapshot at all. Can anyone please confirm that this is not possible?

The basic question solve is: I want to script the download of the latest Atlas snapshot. Did anyone solved that and can share the solution here?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Hi @Michael,

The gem is that the download of a snapshot is when you issue a restore command with type download:

So you basically restore to a download link you can than curl or wget to a file…

You can do the same with curl and rest api …




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