How to save data in replication if primary step down

Hi Team,

We have replication setup one primary and 2 secondary servers (PSS). Bulk operations is processing on Primary server but suddenly Oplog was full.

  1. how to resolve without data loss.
  2. how to take prerequisite

If primary step down during bulk operations those will be transfer into Secondary server after become primary or not If it is transfer operations then secondary server will be down or not

Could you please guide me with example fix solution

Hi @hari_dba,

While doing the write operation, we recommend using retry_writes and writeConcern as per your convenient. If the retry_write is enabled(default enabled), it retry the write one more time if there is no acknowledgement recived as the data is written. WriteConcern ensures that it has written to the number of nodes before acknowledging the application.

Keeping writeConcern to majority ensures that majority of the data bearing nodes has replicated the data as same as Primary but the catch here is it has to wait until all the nodes send ack before taking the next writes. that is the tradeoff