How to resume paused cluster

My cluster has been paused due to inactivity. I would like to resume my cluster. I found some article here and walked through. I installed atlas cli and logged in. After executing below command I had the below error. Unfortunately there is no more explanation and I do not know how to go around it. Could you please help me to resume my cluster.
My cluster name is Cluster0

$ atlas clusters start Cluster0

The error i got : Error: cluster update is not supported, try ‘atlas cluster upgrade’ command

I tried atlas cluster upgrade and I got below error

$ atlas cluster upgrade Cluster0

Error: POST 400 (request “CLUSTER_PROVIDER_DOES_NOT_SUPPORT_BI_CONNECTOR”) The BI Connector is not supported with the specified cluster provider.

Could you please help me to resume my cluster ?


Is this your Sandbox cluster?
If there is no activity it will stop automatically
You can use Atlas UI also.Login to your Atlas account and resume it

yes.It is Sandbox cluster. I followed the link but got those errors. I do not know what you by mean Atlas UI and could not find enough information about Atlas UI to resume paused cluster

Please check the article shared by you
There is CLI and a UI tab.Click on UI and follow the steps
The commands you ran are on CLI
I am referring to your Atlas user interface

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