How to restore filtered backup data without deleting the current database

Hi, I deleted some data by accident and would like to restore, inserting only those data back to my database.
I tried to download the restore, but couldn’t use it properly.
How can I do that?

Hi Luccas, you could restore to a temporary side cluster, otherwise you’d need to use mongodb community software to use the restore locally. Then you can move the data you want back over to the original cluster. Please don’t hesitate to open a support case to ask or help!

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Nice. Thanks for reply! I could manage to restore all backup to another cluster. Now, how can I move the required data only to my main cluster?

Thanks in advance.

Luccas I recommend piping mongodump to mongorestore (If I remember correctly this can be done with the --archive flag e.g. mongodump --archive | mongorestore --archive) w/ parts of the commands missing for brevity