How to restart MongoDB

I’m using MongoDB on GCP.
There is no way to restart the DB on the management screen.
Is it possible to restart it using a command?
(When the CPU reaches 100%, I want to deal with it by rebooting instead of upgrading the CPU)

Hi @Anju_Asano - Welcome to the community :wave:

Is this a MongoDB Atlas cluster hosted on GCP? If so, you cannot restart a node via command. I would check into the Fix CPU Usage Issues documentation for some details about possible triggers and solutions.

I believe it would be more beneficial to figure out what is causing the CPU to reach 100% and try to deal with that as opposed to aiming for a restart each time the CPU reaches 100%. Are you aware of any particular operations that may be causing the CPU to reach 100%? If so, please provide any details regarding this.

You can also check out the Monitor and Improve Slow Queries documentation which may help in this scenario.


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