How to rename a field name inside array in Java

I wanted to rename field inside an array which looks like this:

  lessons: [
      someField: someValue,
      groupId: 'some id string'
      someField: anotherValue,
      groupId: 'another id string'

Unfortunately there are no examples of I could find as in the topic How to rename a field name inside array - #2 by turivishal

Hello @Alikhan_Oitan, you can use this update query. This uses the Spring Data MongoDB MongoTemplate:

List<Document> pipeline = Arrays.asList(new Document("$set", 
                                             new Document("lessons", 
                                                 new Document("$map", 
                                                     new Document("input", "$lessons")
                                                         .append("as", "e")
                                                             new Document("someField", "$$e.someField")
                                                                 .append("classId", "$$e.groupId")
Document filter = new Document();

MongoOperations mongoOps = new MongoTemplate(MongoClients.create(), "testDB");
UpdateResult result = mongoOps.getCollection("testColl")
                              .updateMany(filter, pipeline);
System.out.println("Modified count: " + result.getModifiedCount());

Thank you @Prasad_Saya . I applied your solution and it works perfectly! Never realized that we could represent aggregation objects using Document, that simplifies everything!

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