How to recover data from non-dumped database, from a recovered hard-drive on a laptop that died?


So I’ve been working with Strapi and MongoDB to store collection types and data entries, I have the latest DB dump from the laptop, but this dump does not include my latest changes, ie. all the new entries I made, field names I’ve changed, etc. I did not have the chance to dump this version of the DB before my laptop died on me.

Is there anyway for me to recover this data? I have access to all the files of the hard drive, so that isn’t an issue.

I’ve tried copying the server/5.0/data folder over to my working desktop, and then changed the path in mongod.cfg to match that path, but when I start up Strapi, I don’t see the latest stuff, just the latest dump I found off the drive (of which I restored to my desktop’s instance of mongoDB)

Is there another file/file path that I need to be looking at / adjusting?


I’m also facing same issue. Can anyone help me to recover data?