How to read from secondary node?

how to read from secondary node?
i try to connect to secondary using mongo shell, i should first use rs.secondaryOk(), then i can select data.
i know there is read preference config in client connectstring which can be setted to read from secondary, it there some parameter like rs.secondaryOk() in my connectstring?
or does dirver auto set secondaryOk when connect to secondary node?

Hi @Yi_deng and welcome to MongoDB community forums!!

By default, the read operation in a replica set if performed at the Primary node as the secondary members are involved in synching with the primary member in an asynchronous fashion.
The behaviour of read preference is described in the documentation for Read Preference in Replica Set.

If you wish to specify to read from the secondary, you can set the flag value to readPreference=secondary in the connection string.
You can also specify db.getMongo().setReadPref(‘secondary’) to allow read from the secondary member of the replica sets.

The rs.secondaryOk() was used in the older version till MongoDB 4.0, and now no longer supported. Therefore, the recommendation would be to use latest MongoDB version for supported commands and new features.

Please feel free to reach out in case of any further queries.

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