How to query a document mongodb, react and meteor

Hi guys, I wonder why this is not working…

This function should return true if there are any documents that match query.

Thing I want to do is if the frequency is one time, just want to set query with creatorDetails.uuid and measureId to find()

  hasCompleted(userId) {
     // ....
    const query = {
      'creatorDetails.uuid': userId,
      measureId: this._id,

    if (this.typeOptions.frequency === Frequency.ONE_TIME) {
      return query;
    // ....
    return MeasureData.find(query).count() > 0;

query console.log

  creatorDetails.uuid: "wD7BaeY6SsNSBgjbg"
  measureId: "GFKdwrmwkZ6FkAsco"

Now I’m looking on studio 3t and there is a document matching this

    "creatorDetails.uuid" : "wD7BaeY6SsNSBgjbg", 
        "measureId": "GFKdwrmwkZ6FkAsco",

but this hasCompleted() still returns false…