How to put Realm into Development mode without effecting Production

Hi guys, I want to put Realm into Development mode so any function changes will not take effect on Production Realm until switch it back to Production. Is there any way to make this or am I missing something?

Could you explain a bit more about what you’re trying to do?

Is this a single Realm app or are there multiples?

By “Development Mode” to you mean the Realm Sync mode or the Environment setting, or something else?

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Hi, thank you for reaching back so quickly. I want to program and test the functions before release to make sure it stable. But now, when I make changes to functions, I need to ask my customer stop using the App. It’s not convenient for them. So I want something like ‘Stagging mode’, you can perform any changes without effecting the application. When making sure everything is OK, then release it.

Have you looked at the Drafts feature?

You could make all of your changes to the app and then only deploy once they’re complete (though you’d probably want to test the changes in a development Realm app[ instance first).

I need to interact with API outside so it only best if we test inside Realm, that’s what I do for now. Is there any additional suggestions?