How to properly deploy app with realm hosting

I have a React app that uses the Realm web SDK and it is hosted on Atlas services hosting and it works well.
But I’m not sure what’s the proper procedure to deploy the react app on the hosting server.
What I currently do, is that I generate my production build on my local computer and then from the web Atlas UI I drop the build files in the hosting section.
I have noticed that old hashed chunk js files are accumulating, and I think this causes some weird errors sometimes when deploying. Because of hosting space used or limit number of files maybe.
So what is the right way to deploy, should I remove everything that’s hosted then drop my files? (This doesn’t sound right).
Or should I look at the js chunks individually that are not supposed to be in the new build and delete them individually?
Or is there a solution I’m completely missing?
Thanks in advance for your help.