How to perform upsert of List[Map[String, String]] in Scala to MongoDB

Having the following clause:

              Filters.and(myFilters: _*),
                "$setOnInsert" -> Document(
                  "field" -> item.getAs[List[Map[String, String]]]("field")

On the $setOnInsert clause it will complain with Cannot resolve overloaded method 'Document' , and as far as I’ve been checking the method signature for a Document probably it isn’t resolving it as a CanBeBsonElements .

Full trace of the error:

overloaded method value apply with alternatives:
  (underlying: org.mongodb.scala.bson.BsonDocument)org.mongodb.scala.bson.collection.immutable.Document <and>
  (elems: org.mongodb.scala.bson.BsonMagnets.CanBeBsonElements)org.mongodb.scala.bson.collection.immutable.Document <and>
  (elems: org.mongodb.scala.bson.BsonMagnets.CanBeBsonElement*)org.mongodb.scala.bson.collection.immutable.Document <and>
  (json: String)org.mongodb.scala.bson.collection.immutable.Document
 cannot be applied to ((String, List[Map[String,String]]))
                "$setOnInsert" -> Document(

I’ve already inserted String and List[String] elements without any issue, but can’t really figure out how to insert a List[Map[String, String]] .

Which would be the way to insert a List[Map[String, String]] so I can apply the attribute pattern via Scala?