How to modify kafka topic replication factor that is created by mongodb connector

I am using mongodb kafka connector as source connector. I am not sure how to increase the replication factor of the created topic.
I tried adding these configs:

  • “confluent.topic.replication.factor” : "3
    but non of them changed the replication factor.
    Is there any specific config from mongo connector itself ?

Are you trying to set topic replication factor for kafka connect service itself or override the value just for the MongoDB source connector?

Thanks for replying @Robert_Walters.

both are ok for me as I am using mongo connector only with kafka connect service.
I tried passing this “confluent.topic.replication.factor” : “3” as part of mongo connector config and i also tried passing environment variable for kafka connect service and in both ways the replication factor in kafka hasn’t changed.

Could you please guide me how to do that either from kafka connect service or MongoDB source connector ?