How To migrate embedded document into Relational DB like Oracle

Hi ,Im facing some challenges in imgrating Embedded documents into relatinal db like Oracle .

And How we convert No Sql Data Model into Relational DB .


Could you provide example data of what are you trying to achieve?

To transform a collection in which I have embedded documents in preparation to migrate to a relational database I would consider the following:

  1. How do I want to represent the relationship in a relational database? Do I want to store the field as a JSON field in my relational db? Do I want to create another table to reference the embedded documents.
  2. What kind of relationship I am handling with? Is it a 1 to 1 relationship? is it a 1 to N relationship? is it a N to N relationship?

After having solved the above, I would proceed to transform my data inside mongodb before exporting it to my relational db. I would probably use the aggregation APIs to do all the necessary operations doing either do a $out or $merge operation to create new temporary collections I want to migrate. Then I would export the collections as csv files.


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