How to measure the Memory Space Occupancy of Databases

Hello, I am new to MongoDB. I have using MongoDB compus for my mongodb access. Im my MongoDB i have used multiple database with fixed number of topics. In each topic lot of real-time it data will store. In My case I nee to identify the memory usage of the Data, For that I have using Python program to identify the Storage space of the MongoDB.

While using Python I can got following metrics,

  1. Database Name: DP1
  2. Number of Collections: 1
  3. Number of Objects: 1
  4. Average Object Size: 471.0 bytes
  5. Data Size: 471.0 bytes
  6. Storage Size: 36,864.0 bytes
  7. Number of Indexes: 1
  8. Index Size: 36,864.0 bytes

I need to learn the clear vision of MongoDB.

Any tips, best practices, or resources would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards
Manikandan S