How to lookup from nested array

I have a collection tbl_schedule which is related to the classes collection and lessons collection. I’ve tried to get the lesson name based on lessonId in the schedule nested collection, but instead it returns an empty array. this is whats i’ve tried

i want my code return like this

    "_id": ObjectId("5a934e00010203040500000f"),
    "classId": ObjectId("635d2f6e6804b95ce6a9e5d0"),
    "day": "SUNDAY",
    "identifier": "string",
    "pelajaran": [],
    "year": "2022"
    "filteredClasses": [
        "classCode": "VII A",
        "classId": ObjectId("635d2f6e6804b95ce6a9e5d0"),
        "className": "A",
        "tags": []
    "filteredLesson": [
      "classId": ObjectId("637e31a8dc2c902fb8c96e4b")
      "name": "BAHASA INGGRIS",
      "code" : "BING"

how to do that guys, or how to improve my code