How to login to MongoDB Jira?


I’d like to access -
How can I login to the Jira site?

My Org uses Okta.
And, with Okta, I can login/access Atlas and Support service, but somehow I can’t login to Jira.


Hi @Gatsby_Lee,

If you’ve landed at a url you are trying to access a resource or login path that is restricted to MongoDB Employees.

You should be able to login to using the same MongoDB Cloud account as Atlas and Support.

Choose “MongoDB Customers or public users” as the login option:

If that is the option you are already choosing, can you try again in another browser or incognito browser window?

I assume you are follow the Create an account and login link and would like to create a bug or feature request. If you are trying to access a different resource, please share the link here.


Thank you.
Somehow I was able to see the login page I see when I login to Atlas.

Thank you

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