How to invite a friend?

this should be simple, starting with Saplings:

Taken from the documentation:

via the invite button on your user page, or at the bottom of a topic.

I unfortunately do not find the button, is this keep “off” in the beta or did I over see something?
Thanks a lot

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Hmm let me take a look…

On initial check, it looks like the invite tokens might not play nicely with our SSO, but if this is important, I can investigate further. As we don’t have an invite-only forum, I don’t expect this is critical, but happy to hear use cases if we think this is vital to our community.

Guess this is not a blocker…
A nice use case would be to invite straight from a topic to a person in mind
An other, for a general invitation button: it is more comfortable to click a button and enter an address than writing a message in a third tool and adding a link …


I will look into what our options might be.

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Or just easy way to signup to forum.

Every time I share a posting here with my colleagues who is not member, i need to explain them how to sign up…

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