How to install Node.js driver without using npm

I want to install Node.js driver whitout using npm, because on this install i don’t have web access. Is this possible with downloaded package node-mongodb-native-main from GitHub?

Hi @Kossak and welcome to the forums.

While this might be possible to do, you would also need to figure out all the dependencies that the driver relied on and get them, and then all the dependencies for those modules and on and on until you’ve gotten everything. That’s a lot of work, and prone to error.

What you might be able to do (I have not tried this so not sure if it would work) is to run npm install on a machine that does have internet connectivity and then copy the node_modules folder over to the other machine. This would do all the dependency resolution for you. You would probably want to do this on a machine that had no modules installed previously just to keep things clean.

Good luck if you choose to go down this route.