How to install MongoDB on MAMP server for Apple M1 chip Macbook

I tried this nice article, it installs the mongo on system, but still my laravel application not able to connect to mongo service, even I’ve already installed the required package.

I’m trying to connect to MongoDB Cloud service from Laravel 7 application installed on Apple M1 chip Macbook with MAMP software running on Apache service with default ports.

Can someone help me with the procedure to connect to mongo cloud ?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community Forums @Siddharth_Jain !

The Stack Overflow discussion you referenced is for installing a local MongoDB Server. Given your mention of MongoDB Cloud, I assume you are actually trying to connect to a MongoDB Atlas cluster, which will only need the MongoDB PHP Extension & Library installed locally.

If you are trying to connect MongoDB Atlas, you need to:

If you have any trouble connecting to Atlas, I suggest testing from the same environment using another tool like MongoDB Compass or the MongoDB Shell to make sure you have the IP Access List and Database User credentials correct.

You may find the Atlas guide to Troubleshoot Connection Issues helpful.