How to install mongodb Node Driver 4.0?

I want to make hands dirty on Mongodb Node Driver 4.0 . How Can I install that using npm ? and When Mongodb Node Driver 4.0 will transfer from Beta to official and get down into system for testing and production using NPM or YARN?

Welcome to the MongoDB Community @Anish_Gupta1!

You can install the latest beta version using:

npm install mongodb@beta

Or any tagged version on npm by specifying the tag:

npm install mongodb@4.0.0-beta.2

Per the above, beta releases are already available for testing.

Timing for a production release will depend on any critical issues found during beta testing, so it would be helpful if you can test in a development or staging environment and provide any feedback on issues encountered for your use case. There is also work in progress to update the 4.x driver documentation, so this will definitely be more complete before a production / GA release.


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